Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lately, I find myself uttering the phrase: 'embrace each moment'. I guess its because its summer and I really want to soak up as much sun and activities as I can. Or may be because, its becoming very clear to me that there is a time in life for each milestone.

This year,(from my birthday this year  until my birthday next year), is my final year of being a teenager. The last year I get to use the excuse "but I'm a teenager!" with my mom and dad. The last year I can classify myself with this hip group of people known to be daring and bold. The last year I will say an age with the word 'teen' at the end of it. And with this realization comes another realization: I'm growing! And with growth comes maturity, responsibilities, and new territory to be explored.

So lately, I've been telling myself to embrace each moment. To realize the gift in every day and to live a life that allows me to look back at age, let's say 30, and say: I'm really happy with the life God has allowed me to live thus far.

A few years back ,the phrase 'YOLO' became popular. The notion that "You Only Live Once" became an anthem sort of like Carpe Diem. Essentially, (I think), the phrase was to encourage us to realize that each age in our lives only happens once. A friend once commented that YOLO should be an inspiration to live a meaningful life because "if you only live once, why not make it worthwhile?"

One of my all time favorite Bible passages discusses the different stages of life. In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon remarks: 

"There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens"

There is a time in life to be a teenager, there is a time in life to be a young adult. 

So, Carpe Diem! dear reader. Seize the day and all the beauty that comes along with it. Make the effort to discover the stage you are in right now. And when you do, enjoy this stage and work hard to keep improving yourself.Through this process, remember to be humble. The realization that you only live once should prompt us to realize how fragile and beautiful life is.  In embracing each moment, know that those around you have the same right to enjoy the beauty in each day that you do. Work hard to make life enjoyable for yourself and for the individuals around you.



Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cleaving to Cleveland

Oh I think I'm in love... with Cleveland, that is. 

I've been in Cleveland for about 5 weeks now and I'm really enjoying the city and its people. Its not as big nor populous  as a city like New York, per say, but its still beautiful in its own right. It's diversity has provided me with the opportunity to try out some new things and accomplish some fun stuff on my summer list.  I've been able to explore its downtown, visit its art museum, go to an Indians game, and try out some delicious cuisine:

Although I love my hometown very much, my heart belongs to Cleveland... temporarily.