Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Independence and the Woman

Often times when the words 'independent' and 'woman' are mentioned in the same sentence, many assume that it is in the context of a woman liberating herself from a man. Throughout my life, the phrase "Independent woman who doesn't need a man" has been used at times as a source of inspiration or reassurance. And no doubt, sometimes independence does mean liberating one's self from relationships that are toxic or unnecessary. However, I think it is important in today's society that when discussing independence and the woman, we acknowledge that independence for the woman can take on other forms. How about independence from low self esteem or socially constructed ideals?

Being in university for the past two years has been a learning experience that has transcended the walls of the classroom. It is safe to say that in the past 2 years, I have thought more about who and what I want to be as a person than ever before. Maybe, these moments of intense introspection are a result of the hour long social psychology classes I am taking, or the frequent meetings I have with advisors to plan my  course schedules. Regardless, I am grateful for these moments but have to admit, coming into one's own is not as easy as many powerful women have made it look in the past. 

You may be wondering, dear reader, why I choose to write about independence and the woman today. Well to be honest, its a topic I've been mulling over for sometime now. The truth is that as I am growing, I am beginning to witness the negatives that can result when a woman fails to liberate herself from pressures which are unhealthy. 

For instance, consider insecurities. The truth is, at a point in our lives, we all struggle with one insecurity or another. Be it our discontentment with a character or physical trait, we become our own worst critics. However, when we fail to realize that these small quirks and differences can be the very gems that make us unique, we carry these insecurities into adulthood. We fail to pursue daring career positions because we fear that _________________ makes us not qualified for the job, we begin to gossip and bring down other female colleagues because of jealousy, we  enter into relationships because they offer the 'approval' we fail to give ourselves etc. 

So, on the other hand, what if these small quirks do need improvement? Then improve them, we should! Enrolling in classes that enlighten us, pursuing hobbies that make us feel fulfilled or seeking out professional help are all steps that we can take that signify maturity and independence. 

We are each endowed with a uniqueness that adds dimension to our world. Succumbing to negative pressures or failing to be the best we can be is a disservice to the beautiful souls inside each and every one of us! Imagine how productive and beautiful our communities can be if we each chose to let our lights shine, and help others do the same! 

Happy Tuesday dear reader, and Happy Women's History Month to All! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Products that add a little Sunshine to each day

I'm one of those people that enjoys the little things in life. Don't get me wrong, I love looking forward to extravagant events just as much as the next person, but something as little as a morning face wash routine or the smell of my favorite perfume can be enough sunshine to jump start a day. Being that its the new year and all, I thought I'd go ahead and share with you, dear reader, some products I'm currently loving. Below are 5 products, I believe, that add a little Sunshine to my day. I hope the snippets I wrote about each help you find something you are looking for or inspire you to 'treat yo self'!

1. Tea Tree Face Wash by The Body Shop

This face wash by The Body Shop is specifically designed to address skin care problems, such as acne blemishes, on the face. Since its not an exfoliator, I find it to be a great product to use for everyday face washing. The scent is a little strong and its consistency is like that of hand soap. I've heard from friends who have sensitive skin that this product is a perfect addition to their routine and is not harsh on their skin. I definitely recommend this one. 

2. St-Ives Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub:

I was at the grocery store the other day looking for scrubs when I stumbled across this little gem. I've only been using this wash for about 2 weeks now but I absolutely love it. Its a moderate exfoliator and its beads are much smaller, which makes for more precise exfoliation.  It doesn't feel rough at all on the skin and honestly, I think my skin looks brighter when I use this. As a bonus, it smells goooooood! 

3.Bath and Body Works - Paris Amour Perfume

Ah Paris, the city of lights and love. Although I'm yet to visit the city of love, this perfume makes me feel like I'm enveloped by a thousand little bubbles of affection whenever I use it. Okay... that might be a little excessive but I really LOVE this perfume and, I've gotten multiple compliments on it from parties of both genders. Spraying it on after a shower makes you feel and smell fresh! It can be a little strong if overused but I think its a perfect mixture of sweet and more mature scents. 

4. Nars Tinted Moisturizer:

I've been using this product for the past 2 and a half years and I'm yet to find a product that works as well as it does. As a student, this product works well at producing the 'no make-up' look when needed and it's also buildable for those occasions when I really want to dress up. As a plus, it's also helped moisturize my skin a lot and unlike other foundation-like products I used before this, it does not make me break out. It's a little bit on the pricey side but based on my experience, I say its definitely worth it!

5. Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Assortment

This list would not be a favorites list written by yours truly if it did not include some kind of food, and there's no other food product I would love to include in this but Walkers shortbread cookies. Maybe because I'm staring at a box of these shortbread cookies right now! But seriously, these cookies are delicious! Everytime I eat one, I'm happier and I'm pretty sure I smile too. They're perfect for breakfast, dessert or snack time! 

I hope the above list helps you find a product that you have been looking for!



*** As a disclaimer, the above reviews are honest opinions penned by me and I did not receive any compensation for any thing written above. ***